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Soil Vigor+ Humic Acid (Organic)
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 5 Lbs Soil Vigor (Tm) + Humic Acid (Organic) Super Absorbent Moisture Trap Polymers and Fertilizer Root Feeding System for all plants

Importer: Eco-novelty Corp.

Great for Lawn, Vegetable, Flower, Garden Beds, all indoor and outdoor plants.

Faster germination rates! Reduces soil clumping for better in soil oxygen!

Grow and maintain healthy plants!

Reduce watering, save money and labor! Save on fertilizing cost by reducing runoff!

 Reusable for up to 7 years in the ground. 100% biodegradable, Safe, Non toxic.

Soil Vigor is a Super Absorbent Polymer-Absorbs and holds water and most liquids to release back slowly over time.

Humic Acid is nature’s fertilizer; simply it’s the result of decaying and decomposing organic matter into the ground.

Our organic Humic Acid is manufactured in our controlled laboratory to precise standards and condition for you use in: Vegetable and flower gardens, Lawn (Sod & Seeding), Tree planting, and potted house plant.

SOIL VIGOR ™+ HUMIC ACID (Organic) Application Rate:

Potted Plants-1/2 Tbsp.-6" to 8"Pot; 1 Tbsp.-10"Pot; 2 Tbsp. - 5 gallon pot.  

Vegetable, Flower, Garden Beds:  Mix with soil-8 tbsp Soil Vigor per 60 lbs soil.

Grass Lawns (laying sod and seeding): Mix with soil, Tamp down the soil mixture level into the ground : 1 lb per 100 square feet.2 oz. / 40 lbs of top soil 2.5 oz./ Cubic Feet of Top Soil,10 lbs Soil Vigor per 1000 square feet.430 lbs.1acre. 

Trees & Shrubs: Mix Soil Vigor with soil_ 4 oz. per 60 lbs of soil.4lbs. Per cubic yard of panting media.

Soil Vigor + Humic Acid Organic also 100% GMO free, Soil Vigor is a Potassium based Super Absorbent Polymer(SAP) that does not cause soil clumping , The best growing conditions are moist fluffy nutrient rich soil.  SAP has been used by home and commercial vegetable gardeners worldwide since early 1970’s. 


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