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Crystal mud gel beads;5g
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Weight: 5g/pack
Size (diameter): Dry: 2.5-3.0mm. Hydrated: 1.5-2.0cm


Buy Crystal Mud Water Beads at Volume Discount Pricing - Buy 5 or more of the same color.

Choose rainbow crystal Mud water beads from 12 colors: 

Red, Clear, Pink, Orange, Light Green, Dark Green, White, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Golden Yellow, and Black.

Importer: Eco-Novlety Corp.

Eco-Friendly Non Toxic

Crystal Mud Water Beads-Round

Size (diameter): Dry: 2.5-3.0mm.   Hydrated: 1.5-2.0cm

Perfect for:

  • Cut fresh and silk flower - Place crystal mud water gel beads at bottom instead of water in glass vases
  • Floating candles - Crystal mud crystal soil water gel beads is non-flammable - safe near candles
  • Parties & Wedding Centerpiece - Limitless decorative ideas for displays
  • Art Deco arrangements - incorporate lighting to make stunning art pieces
  • Air Freshener-Add about 2-3 ml of Essential Oil into bowl with Crystal mud water gel beads.
  • Soil Substitute - Suitable for germinating plant seed and growing plants instead of dirt.
  • Water Reservoir - Slow release properties. Water plants for weeks while away on vacation.
  • Outdoor Garden Hydrating


  • Non-Toxic
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Non-Flammable
  • Reusable up to 2 years – Crystal Mud water gel beads can be reused over and over again by allowing them to dry out and re-hydrating them like the first time use. 
  • Non-fade - Suitable to be mixed/combined with other non-fade Crystal Mud water gel beads for colorful decorative displays. Will not stain plastic ware.

Simple to use
1.Apply one pack of Crystal Mud water beads in about 4 cups of distilled water (if possible) in extra large bowl.
2. Allow the Crystal Mud water balls to fully expand in 12-24 hours.
3. Remove the expanded Crystal mud water beads from the water and pour into vases or bowls.

Harvest Size: 5 grams of Crystal Mud dry under maximum hydration (24 hrs.) will yield about 3 cups of round bouncy crystal soil water beads.

Crystal Soil is a water absorbent polymer, Water Pearls Gel Beads, Water Marbles, Crystal mud for flower and plant, Rainbow Crystal soil Magic water beads, Cosmo Beads. Aqua pearls, Aqua Gems, Aquatic Beads, Water-Keep beads, Aqua Deco Beads and Orbeez (tm) Refills .These are all common names for crystal soil. Buy rainbow crystal soil magic water beads wholesale retail here at low discount prices with same day shipping from the USA. Free shipping! Shipping and Handling charges WAIVED on orders of $50 or greater plus discounts.



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